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I’m Hot. I’m Dirty… I Farm! WTF? And no, I’m not talking about the acronym for what you say in questioning to your friends. I’m talking about the growing national movement that originated in California: I Love Farmers, They Feed My Soul.

WTF? Is not at all what your mind is thinking; WTF? Simply stands for: Where’s The Food… Without The Farmers? So let me ask you: WTF?

Do you know where your food comes from? This past weekend I was privileged to have the opportunity to attend the Missouri Young Farmers and Ranchers Leadership Conference, sponsored by the Missouri Farm Bureau held in Osage Beach, Mo. During this conference I had the privilege to listen to Scott Vernon of California speak on what we, as ‘agvocates’ must do to reach the new generation living in a digital age.

Vernon calls this new generation digital natives; referring to himself as a digital immigrant. Many younger individuals today have grown up with technology constantly at their fingertips, while many of our parents are learning technology as a second language. We thrive on all things that include technology. Just like mine is, your life is probably consumed with technology. Think about it: How many hours a day do you spend interacting with technology? Your cell phone, computer, GPS, TV, calculator, Kindle, Ipod, and even your vehicle have the latest technology programmed into it.

This new generation of digital natives’ places agvocates in a difficult position: How do we reach individuals that are so engrossed in technology that they are missing what happens outside their windows? It’s quite simple; we reach them where they are. We go to them: Agriculturist become technology. Just as Californian college students who developed I Love Farmers, They Feed My Soul did, by being bold, provocative, and fresh. We must share our stories, show emotion, and tell the new generation of our world the true story about agriculture.

If you’re not quite ready to take your own step into creating a national movement advocating for agriculture, head on over to I Love Farmers, They Feed My Soul  and check out some of the things they’re doing to share the story of agriculture. Some of my favorite include their tattoos and window stickers!

Though I am not a supporter of tattoos, if you insist on inking your body, why not do it in a way to agvocate with this tattoo?

Show your love of Farmers with this window sticker!

My personal favorite 🙂 I'm Hot. I'm Dirty... I Farm!