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As children, our parents place us in dance lessons, clubs, organizations, sports teams and anything else the local community has to offer. As a child, my parents always made sure I was active and enjoying the world around me by placing me in the local 4-H club, Bosworth Fireballs. I can give contribution for a lot of my interests to Carroll County 4-H, including traditional and not so traditional interests.

My family was always actively involved, my mom the club leader for over 10 years and always leading projects from cooking to beef. Personally, I knew showing cattle was an interest as my three older siblings had always showed cattle since before I was born. Showing cattle quickly became a beloved passion of mine that I never dreamed would become a past hobby.

Being the youngest of four children, by at least five years, I quickly realized that when all my siblings went off to college, showing cattle was not a hobby that was easily achievable for me. At this point I knew I had to find a new love that could hold the same excitement as showing cattle did for me. Never did I realize that this new and obscure project would easily become one of my most beloved hobbies. I fell in love with showing goats, Boer Goats to be exact.

2010 MO State Fair Championship Drive

One of my proudest showing moments of showing was when my wether Jack placed 1st place in Class 2 at the 2010 Missouri State Fair. This was taken during the Championship Drive.

Being from north Missouri, there are not a large number of producers, let alone supporters of the goat industry. Facing this challenge, I accepted the challenge to educate not only myself, but also the community around me and demonstrate to local 4-H members how beneficial goats could be to their program.

Since becoming involved in showing Boer Goats in 2006, I have met a wealth of individuals that have assisted in creating the goat fanatic that I am today. Faith Genetics has always served as a resource for all the answers to my numerous questions. They too have been the source of my wethers since my second year of showing and are very helpful throughout the year in assisting showmen as they travel from show to show.

If you are interested in purchasing show goats for this year(or years to come) I encourage you to check out Know The Source 2012 sponsored by Faith Genetics and SHAG Family Farms. They too are using social media sites such as Facebook to promote their sale and tell their story of raising and selling Boer Goats.

The next time you consider placing your children in dance lessons or on sports teams consider what opportunities are to be found in youth organizations such as 4-H.

Self Portrait

As an assignment for the 2010 Missouri 4-H State Photo Corps Team, I had to capture a self portrait. This was the final product: A mix of my love for goats, country livin’ and photography.