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I have always heard that every person has a purpose in life, no matter how big or little. As a blogger, one must start out with some sense of idea as to where they want their blog to lead. For me, I desired to blog and share my experiences with others (without annoying my roommate with all of my chit chats). Even with this desire, I was still scared to take the leap into the blogging world of fear that I would fail.

This fear quickly stopped me in my tracks, until I entered the William H. Darr School of Agriculture’s new class: Public Relations in Agriculture. Under the instruction of Jamie Johansen, students are required to develop, promote, and write for a blog on a topic of their choice that relates to agriculture.

For me, choosing a topic was not the hard part: I love all agriculture, I am extremely interested in studying away and I enjoy random tid bits of information. This seemed like it could all fit nicely into a blog, with the right title. That’s where my struggle came; I had NO idea what to name my blog.

Deciding to name my blog Rural Girl Dreams seemed to fall into place now that I reflect on my struggle. With this name, I needed to decide a direct purpose for my blog. I realized that I wanted to prove that even by being from a small, rural town one can chase their dreams across the world. Not only can I give credit to my past organizational activities to my current life track, but I can also thank Missouri State for providing this class and forcing me to step out into the world of agvocating.

All one must do to decide their purpose in blogging, or even life, is to take a chance, ask for help along the way and watch success slowly unfold.

What is your purpose for blogging?

What is your purpose in life?

Is fear holding you back from achieving your purpose?