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A little laughter before my post:

Opening my word document titled Judy Graff, I assumed I would find the notes I had recorded in order to complete an assignment. These notes “were” taken during Graff’s presentation to my Public Relations in Agriculture course I am enrolled in at Missouri State University under the direction of Jamie Johansen. Much to my surprise, I found an entire page of quotes I had found about living in the moment. Luckily, after a long search, under the title of “Live in the Moment”, my notes were found.

So I guess I’ll take the advice of a quote I found in the document by Jan Glidewell: “You can clutch the past so tightly to your chest that it leaves your arms too full to embrace the present.” Let go of time lost searching for notes, embrace having a page of awesome quotes, and learn to double check what is and isn’t saved under certain titles.

Now time to embrace the assignment:

Top 10 Lessons Learned from Judy Graff, writer of FARMnWIFE:

  1. Blogging is Important. Graff says, Blogging is “so much more to a family than just putting up pictures.” Blogging has, at least for me, recently become a more widely desired website for businesses; it is often easy to pass a blog off for something to do for fun. Graff reminded me that blogging can have the potential to make an impact on my future.
  2. Blogs are Interactive. Customers will visit blogs to learn more about said business, which in turn will earn their trust(or distrust) of the business. In order to earn the desired trust from a customer, businesses should display an active and intriguing attitude.
  3. Personal Blogs are most successful. By adding a personal touch to your blog, customers see an individual, not just a website.
  4. The 3 Questions: Why? Who? How?
  • Determine why you are blogging. With a purpose, your blog can stay focused in subject matter.
  • Determine target audience. One blogger cannot reach everyone, instead target an exact audience. If you plan to reach everyone, you won’t reach anyone.
  • Determine how to reach your audience. Think outside blogging. Not every customer that fits your desired audience will follow you. Instead, reach out to them via email, newsletters, Facebook and twitter. And if necessary, good ole phone calls.
5. Five Items for a Blog:
  • Tag line: Directs purpose.
  • About area: Introduces who is behind a blog.
  • Contact page: Shows you as available.
  • Call to action: Explains the next step.
  • Fast load time: Readers shouldn’t have to wait.

6. Blog Design Key: Simple, Obvious, Repeat. Keep things uncluttered, map out content and repeat your information.

7. 4 Sidebar Ingredients: Your picture, short about me, subscribe button such as RSS Feeds and your other social media page links.

8. Save Space: Blog space is not to be wasted. On average, within 7 seconds readers will either be hooked or searching for something new.

9. Ask Questions. No blogger is an “expert” on blogging, everyday something new can be learned about blogging.

10. Resources are Available. When a question needs to be asked, and obviously answered, sometimes one doesn’t have to work tirelessly to find an answer, they can simply search for someone who has already found the answer.