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April is not usually when people in Missouri start dreaming of summer in a way that 2012 has proved possible. However, this year Mother Nature has decided that 80-90 degree weather is excellent for late March and early April.

As many college students are dreaming of warm weather to be spent by the pool getting tan and spending late nights around bon fires, this girl has another favorite time in mind: Showtime!

This excellent weather proved wonderful for the 2012 Know The Source Sale this past weekend in Chillicothe, Mo. As a show-maniac, this sale paved way to my extreme excitement for show season to begin.

Not only was I a spectator at this sale, I was also a big supporter. This sale as provided me with excellent wethers in past years. I have purchased many county fair champions and many that have done well in jackpot shows and the Missouri State Fair at this sale.

One wether that I purchased this weekend. Excited about his future!

I expect this year to be no exception. This past weekend I was able to come home with a pair of wethers that I have very high hopes for in the show ring. These wethers will have plenty of opportunities to show their ‘worth’ but until that time comes, my work will be cut out for me.

Success in the show ring does not come easy or without a cost. As I made a monetary investment in these wethers this weekend I also made a commitment to the daily work required for them. This summer will be spent exercising ‘the boys’ and making sure their feed and health is in proper amounts and condition.

I must stop here and acknowledge the very important person who is making this show season possible, my Mother. As I am three hours away at Missouri State University, my Mother has also made a commitment to help me in the daily necessities that the boys require. I cannot imagine how this year’s show season would be possible.

Thank you Mom, you have continuously helped me in my journeys through life and this commitment has proved no different.