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The world that I know today as a college freshman is a world of, well, technology. Prior to today to put it frankly, I was not LIVING in the digital age.

The easiest explanation of this is that I was living with a phone that talked… literally. Duct Tape was holding the back cover together, in typical country girl style of course.

Now don’t get me wrong, my Samsung Reality was a decent phone, at times, and when it was first released, but it had served its time in my procession. Today, it was officially retired. As of today, Rural Girl Dreams is officially a smart phone user! I am now a proud owner of an LG Lucid.

I am not a technology savvy individual, but I am excited to get moving in the digital age and see where it can take me in the world of Agriculture. After I had adapted to having a smartphone, at least the best adaption that can occur in six hours, I started to wonder what types of apps were available for use in the agricultural field.

After searching, I discovered an ag retail communications website, CropLife. In researching their site, I found the 10 Best Moblie Agriculture Apps or 2012.

Attention Farmers: This is for you!

Their list included:

1. Aphid Speed Scout.

2. Optimizer 2.0.

3. YieldCheck.)

4. iCropTrak.

5. Farm Manager.

6. Nutrient Removal.

7. PrecisionEarth.

9. Corn Planning Calculator.

9. Grain Shrinkage Calculator.

10. JD Link.

Those earning Honorable Mention

MyTraps.com, FieldView, FarmPAD,  and Soil Test Pro.

Please visit CropLife’s website to learn more information about these apps. The above listed apps are for both iPhone and Android systems.

As a new smartphone user, I’m interested to find more apps that will be useful in my field, Agriculture.

Do you have a favorite app?