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Accepted! Ghana here I come! πŸ™‚

Passport in hand.

Visa application in process.

Plane ticket purchased.

USA Outbound Plans: I will be boarding a plane in Kansas City, Mo. on January 15th to head to Ghana. And after a 25 hour flight I will arrive in Accra, Ghana on January 16th! And, Yes. I am counting: 58 days until take off!

USA Inbound Plans: My family will arrive into Ghana on May 25th, my program will end on May 26th. We will spend a few days touring Accra and then head back to The States on May 30th. With the lovely effect of time zones, we will arrive back into Kansas City, Mo. 14 hours later on May 31st!

This girl will learn to love cold showers, seafood and soccer! *-Just to name a few-*

But most importantly: This girl will fall in love with another culture πŸ™‚