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Now that the official countdown is 6 days, its time to get down to business.

Saying that, packing is in full gear. And, I was even told that I by the looks of my stuff I might be able to pack in a carry-on and one bag! And well, for me, that’s saying a lot. Ill be the first to admit: I don’t pack well.

Although I don’t pack well, I do have a 5 page packing list. What’s on my list you ask? EVERYTHING! And its categorized into 5 categories: Carry-On, Toiletries, Food, Clothing and Other.

So what is in my Carry-On?

  • Mandatory Paperwork
    • Passport, Doctors Letter, Yellow Fever Card and ISEP Acceptance Letter
    • Copies of Everything
  • Time Passers
    • Books, Notebook, Pens/Pencils,
  • Electronics
    • Laptop, Cameras, Phone, Headphones, Chargers
    • Lithium Batteries
      • I actually didn’t know Batteries had to be packed in your carry-on until last night. Interesting fact. *Always check airline requirements*
  • Change of Clothes
    • No one wants to get to their destination without their suitcase and have no clean clothes, and don’t forget the underwear 🙂
  • Toiletries
    • Lotion, Chapstick, Wisp Toothbrush, Hand Sanitizer, Face Wipes, Deodorant and ALL Medicine
  • Personal Items
    • John Deere Travel Size Blanket, Gum, Snacks and Empty Water Bottle

What do you pack in your Carry-On?