As some of you know, my roommate, Kim, is also studying abroad next semester. She will be traveling to Spain while I travel south of her.

Since we both found out we were actually going to study abroad we began our search for that ‘perfect’ song to capture the experience. We searched travel, searched international, searched different genres, but at least for me, nothing quite fit. Nevertheless, leave it to the procrastinator in me to find one at the last minute.

Yesterday as I was driving to Columbia I popped in my Garth Brooks Greatest Hits CD-Pink Edition(Ok its actually Mom’s). Listening to Garth gave a sense of security and safety to my country upbringing, comforting me as I was realizing that I had 4 days left. On Track 5, The River began to play. This song starts out discussing how The River is like a dream, changing as it flows and The Dreamer is a vessel that is at the mercy of the water. He then sails is vessel until the river runs dry, stating that he will never reach his destination if he never tries.

To say the least, I can always count on Garth to help me through tough times. I fully intend to set sail to the river in a few short days, hit some rough patches, and reach my destination a short journey across the world.

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