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  1. Cold showers feel amazing after a long day in 90° weather and 80% humidity
  2. I really should read what I buy, after 3 days I realized I had made it to Ghana with 2 bottles of shampoo, and no conditioner
  3. Bringing a hair dryer and straightener was pointless
  4. Dresses may become a daily attire for me
  5. Ghanaian food is quite spicy. But wait, its day 11 and I don’t find it all that spicy anymore…
  6. I love fried plantains 🙂
  7. I actually do like Mangoes
  8. Bananas are small and green here, and have never tasted better
  9. University of Ghana Course Registration can be very frustrating
  10. The University of Ghana’s campus is LARGE!
  11. Public bathrooms are nowhere to be found. Ever. And if you do find one, I hope you remembered your toilet paper
  12. Air-conditioning isn’t really important
  13. Ceiling fans are very much appreciated
  14. Dirty non-carpeted floors drive me crazy. Buying a neon pink and green broom for 4 GHC made me the happiest person 🙂
  15. Never pay full price unless in a store, bargain for EVERYTHING
  16. Ghanaian children don’t ask you for toys, they ask you for storybooks
  17. Children love to shout Obruni(White Person) out to you, with the biggest smile stretching across their face
  18. Ghanaians hardly swim
  19. I have a floaters body, and it’s beautiful
  20. Cassie is a hard name for people to pronounce

Welcome to Ghana