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This past weekend marked my 1 year anniversary of blogging at WordPress.com! How should a blogger celebrate such an achievement? By blogging about its original topic: Agriculture! 🙂

My decision to blog about agriculture did not come easily. I mean, I am in Ghana, shouldn’t I be blogging about Ghana? Well, in a sense I still am.

Sunday evening a group of 15 Americans and 2 Ghanaians left our hostel at the University of Ghana to watch the Superbowl at a bar called Honeysuckle in Osu, which had agreed to stay open if we came. Mind you, the game was broadcasted live from New Orleans, meaning that the game began at Midnight here in Ghana. Oh and yes, this was after spending a weekend in the Volta Region.

Upon arriving at Honeysuckle, I immediately felt a sense of Americana in this far away country. Alright, game time. Ok, if you’re me, Commercial time. Only problem: the game was broadcasted in Ghana via ESPN, meaning ESPN commercials… not Superbowl commercials. So I decided I would enjoy the game instead, at least before I fell asleep right before halftime, and yes we were still at the bar. I’m classy.

Don’t worry, we made it home safely after the halftime show. The next day, Facebook was full of game reviews and commercial reviews. I was astonished to see the number of agricultural related commercials. Made this aggie very, very happy. 🙂

One commercial really stuck out to me personally, Budweiser’s Ad, The Clydesdales: “Brotherhood”. This ad is about a gentleman who raised a Clydesdale and the feelings between achieving success by the colt becoming a Budweiser Clydesdale and missing having his friend with him that he worked so hard to train.


Watching the video, I was overwhelmed with memories of past show animals. I was able to easily relate to the man who had raised the colt. I understand the feeling of loving an animal so much after spending endless hours pampering, training and preparing said animal for exhibition. Nothing can ever break a bond between an animal and their “owner.”

As an owner of many show animals, both cattle and goats, I have had the opportunity to love many, lose many and now miss many. Nothing, not even a new show animal is ever able to fill the void of losing past animals.

I remember countless memories of summers spent in the barn with the animals. Working to assist them in reaching their full potential once they entered the show ring at multiple county fairs and eventually even the Missouri State Fair. The opportunities I had through 4-H and FFA will forever be etched in my childhood, namely the times I was showing livestock.

Now that I am spending my time in Ghana, this feeling of needing animals in my life is ever more apparent. After moving away from home, I missed my animals but luckily was able to become an employee at Harmony Hill Farm where I have been deemed “Aunt Cassie” to many of the goats. Watching this commercial I was reminded of the goats and the dogs at work, but also all my past show animals that I miss being able to make new memories with at shows, and at home.

Did you have a Superbowl commercial touch you in an expectant way? Do you have an animal that you miss dearly and can relate to the Clydesdale producer?