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5 Months have passed.

Since I last felt the African sun.

Since I bargained for my livelihood.

Since I snuggled up close to a complete stranger,

Both just hoping to arrive safely to our destination.


154 days have passed.

Since I regularly enjoyed food from a rubber.

Since I purchased snacks from my window.

Since I greeted every stranger,

Genuinely caring for their response.


3662 hours have passed.

Since I swam the Gulf of Guinea.

Since I rode aimlessly on the back of a motorbike.

Since I traveled hours in a foreign city,

In a foreign place. For a foreign purpose.


Yet, not 1 single day has passed.

Since I dreamed of a return.

Since I imagined a reunion.

Since I knew what it was like,

To feel completely at home in one location.


One day, I’ll wrap my head around being ‘home’. But until then…