After 28 hours of straight traveling, I have made it to Maringá! All my luggage and my sanity arrived, as well! I should also add that the 15 other participates arrived safely and with their luggage.

In total we had 3 flights, 2 bus rides- 1 from the terminal to the plane and 1 from Loudrina to Maringá, and only 1 confusion as to where we would be dropped upon arrival to Maringá. I successfully communicated with a Brazilian woman who didn’t speak English, and mind you I don’t speak Portuguese. However,  my desire to learn is definitely increasing. 🙂 Brazil 2015 maybe?

I am very impressed by how clean everything is throughout the city. As von the actual landscape, it reminds me of Ghana, with fewer people and less trash. I can’t tell if this is a good thing or bad thing. I probably will not have access to upload many pictures from my camera until I get back to the states.

Our hotel has exceeded my expectations. We have free wi-fi, hot water, air conditioner, and my own bed. I can’t ask for much more.

I hope to be able to update everyone through my blog and Facebook.