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And say hello to the Brazilian allergies!

Yup, you read that. I am as congested and sneezy as you can be. So this will be short, because lets be honest, who writes when their feeling like crap?

Today we learned about Canola production, which I didn’t know anything about. Canola oil is a small market as few people know about the benefits one can receive from using canola oil over other vegetable oils. We also learned about Biodiesel production in Brazil. 3 Billion liters were produced in 2013.

BS BIOSAfter our lecture we visited BS BIOS, a biodiesel plant with a slogan of “Energy that comes from the field.” Brazil is the 3rd largest biodiesel producer in the world. BS BIOS is also becoming a big player in canola production, which was introduced to Brazil between 10 and 15 years ago. BS BIOS encourages corn to be planted after canola, as it has shown to increase corn yield.

BS BIOSDecided I had to finally give in and find a pharmacy for my allergies. Thanks to the help of a fellow student, Cory, we successfully found Loratadina, Brazil’s equivalent to Claritin. Update: Starting to feel better after a few days!