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Subject wise, today was by far my favorite day! Our lectures today focused on the business aspect of agriculture in Brazil.

For me, having lecture on a subject I was more familiar with made it much easier to comprehend through translation. Lectures today discussed the overall state of production agriculture. We learned that in 13 years, Brazil has seen an increase of 97% in their production on just a 34% increase of land. That’s something to celebrate! Paraná, the state Maringá is in, averages 2nd in most grain production. We also learned today that one of the greatest benefits cooperatives give to its associates is storage ability. This allows a farmer to get the best price for their grain.

Today, we began our journey to Iguaçu Falls, I love traveling by bus around a country! So many sights to see!

Today, the rain also started. And its not just gonna rain for a day… 5 days later, still raining.

We toured Coamo today, the largest agricultural cooperative in Brazil. I found that this presentation differed greatly from the one we had a Cocamar. I do understand though that we had presentations given by different departments from each cooperative. Coamo focused on what they do for their associates, where as Cocamar focused on what their company accomplishes.

As we began staying at our second hotel for the trip I have to say, they a have exceeded my expectations from what I figured we would be staying in. Hot water, air conditioner and heat, and comfy beds. Win win!