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Iguaçu Falls is AMAZING! Although it rained all day and was freezing, it didnt matter.

Seeing Iguaçu Falls is exactly why I travel. No one can ever take the experience I had visiting Iguaçu Falls. Ever.

Today I had a realization. At one point in my life I took pictures of everything. then I realized that holding those moments for myself is something that no one can ever take away from me. It was just awesome to be there. To be apart of the falls. To be one with nature. That feeling will be mine forever.

We also visited Parque Das Aves, a bird park located at Iguaçu Falls. I’m pretty certain that I fell in love with parrots this day. They were beautiful. Majestic and amazing. Their colors are fantastic. Just beautiful animals is all I can say.

We were privileged to be able to walk through the park at a leisurely pace, which was fantastic for pictures! I loved speaking with the head veterinarian of the park. It was unique to be able to see the park from the ‘other side.’ Though I’m no expert on bird parks, it was interesting to see how things can operated differently across the world.