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Today was a pretty chill day in Brazil. Which, was much needed after the last few days of travel.

We visited Sindvest, a fashion design company in Brazil. Though I love clothes, I didnt quite know what to expect going into this meeting. My favorite part was the presentation that was done by a member of the communications department. As an ag comm major, this peaked my interest. It was neat to be able to apply some of the concepts I had learned in my Public Relations class at MSU to this meeting to gain more understanding on international public relations. I found similar tactics are also used in Brazil, as they are used in the USA.

Sindvest DesignsThe presenter explained that they mostly use an agency for the PR work. When I asked about social media, they said that they use regional social media but it is not their main focus. This is because fashion generates their own media, they don’t have to work for it.

Route 66 Tattoo StudioWe were able to do some shopping today! Finally! Fun fact: there is a Route 66 Tattoo Studio in Maringá. It is very interesting to see America’s influence across the world.