Last official day to be fully in Brazil. Many, Many emotions.

Today we visited the Valley of the Silk, met with the Rector of UniCesumar, had a lecture on Brazilian economy, visited the school farm, had a culinary class, and finally a goodbye dinner and party. Talk about exhaustion!

Learning about silk production was once again a completely new experience for me. Such a beautiful product, yet such a small market.

They say the 3rd times a charm! We were FINALLY able to meet with the Rector of UniCesumar today to receive our certificates of participation and completion in the Global Agricultural Initiative Program. We also met the Vice Mayor of Maringá at this meeting. These guys seem like very busy people.

The lecture about Brazilian economy was neat. Dr. Duher, who says if he stops learning will die, holds too many degrees for him to count. Currently he is working on is undergraduate degree in Mathematics. Busy guy. We learned about Brazil’s GDP and how São Paulo accounts for 45% of the country’s total GDP. Efforts are being made to spread industries across the country as to help level the GDP. Dr. Duher also explained to us that Brazil has one of the worst education systems found in the developed world. This is extremely sad to me. Education is the key to a brighter future.

Again, the 3rd times a charm! Finally got to visit BioTech, UniCesumar’s farm. Here we learned more about their artificial insemination program, crop programs, dairy programs, and their horse programs. It was also cool to learn that BioTech is home to one house that the Rector of UniCesumar owns.

After the farm tour, we made our way back into Maringá. On our drive back we drove past one of the tent cities located on the outskirts of Maringá. I was actually very happy to see this part of town. It was nice to get a full scope of what the area actually consists of as we stayed in the nicer part of town, it was not as easy to understand the full state of Brazil’s society.

Upon arrival back to UniCesumar, we began our culinary class! So much fun. We learned how to make Brigadeiros, a chocolate dessert in Brazil. I can’t wait to make these, they are so good! But oh so rich as well.

It was very sad to have our final farewell dinner with the Brazilian students that had been our hosts in the country. These individuals have touched my hearts in many ways. It’ never a goodbye, a see you later.