About Me

I’m just a small town girl living the college life in the big city. And by big city I am referring to Springfield, Missouri with a population of 160,000. Mentioning that Springfield is a ‘big city’ should come with the reference that all my life I have lived on a 90 acre farm on the edge of a little town in north Missouri, with a wee population of 382.

After 10 years of membership with Missouri 4-H, I was honored to receive a 4-H Scholarship

Through the trials and tribulations of rural life I have come to develop an appreciation of all things simple. From raising commercial and purebred Charolais cattle with my 3 siblings to the small Boer Goat herd that after much persuasion, my siblings and mother allowed on our farm.

My appreciation of rural life also comes with a desire to experience new things. I am a proud Agricultural Education major at Missouri State University, unsure of whether that degree will lead to teaching. Education is my passion and I believe that agriculture has the power to change lives; however, I also desire to see the world and experience other cultures. This passion has led to my decision to Study Away in Legon, Ghana in Spring 2013. I will study Agriculture at the University of Ghana and if my dreams come true, volunteer with the Ghana 4-H program.

Through my blog I hope to raise awareness of different cultures, other places and share the dreams and aspirations that my rural life has inspired me to chase.


3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Sorry about that….computer froze for a bit. I was also raised in a small town. Totally understand about moving to the “big city”. Best wishes to you!

  2. I think your blog is coming together very well. I enjoy it because I can relate to the same thing. I am excited to hear more about what you have to say from moving to the “big city”. Good luck!

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